Our policies

Human Rights Policy

We’re committed to business practices that support and respect human rights and align with the UN Global Compact principles. Our Global Human Rights policy sets out standards, expectations and commitments in relation to our responsibility to respect and promote human rights within our own company and to not, knowingly, contribute to the violations of human rights by other parties.

Download:        EN – Human Rights Policy – 2019

Download:        ES – Política Global de Derechos Humanos – 2019

Download:        FR – Politique mondiale des droits de l’homme – 2019

Download:        IT – Global Politica sui Diritti Umani – 2019

Download:        NL – Mensenrechtenbeleid – 2019

Code of Business Conduct

We operate in countries with a broad range of cultures and business practices. Making it more important than ever that we are guided by a clear and consistent code of business ethics and guidelines for all of our colleagues around the world.

We must always adhere to the highest standards of business integrity and ethics, as well as respect and comply with all applicable national and supra-national laws and regulations.

Download:        EN – Code of Business Conduct – 2016


Download:        BELUX – Anticorruptiebeleid van leveranciers – 2019

Download:        ES – Política Anti-Corrupción de Proveedores – 2019

Download:        FR – Politique anticorruption des fournisseurs – 2019

Download:        IT – Policy anticorruzione dei fornitori – 2019

Download:        NL – Anticorruptiebeleid van leveranciers – 2019

Download:        UK – Supplier Anti-Corruption Policy – 2019

Global Whistleblower Policy

At Anheuser-Busch InBev, NA/SV (“AB InBev” or the “Company”), we believe that the true measure of success is not just the results we achieve, but how we achieve them. For this reason, there should be no gap between what we say and what we do. A crucially important element of this is the commitment to an open culture where people feel secure in seeking advice and raising concerns. 

Download:        BELUX –  Wereldwijd klokkenluidersbeleid – 2019

Download:        ES – Política Global de Whistleblowing, Canal de denuncia – 2019

Download:        FR – Politique mondiale de signalement – 2019

Download:        IT – Policyglobale per gli informatori – 2019

Download:        NL –  Wereldwijd klokkenluidersbeleid – 2019

Download:        UK – Whistleblower Policy – 2019

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

AB InBev is committed to a work environment where all colleagues are respected and valued. We launched our first Global Diversity Policy in 2018 to provide guidelines for what is expected of all our leaders and colleagues to treat others with respect and cultivate, encourage, maintain and preserve an inclusive environment.

Download:        AB InBev Diversity & Inclusion Policy – 2018

Download:        ES – Política de Diversidad e Inclusión – 2018

Download:        FR – Politique de Diversite et d’Inclusion – 2018

Download:        IT – Politica Diversita & Inclusione – 2018

Download:        NL – Diversiteit en Inclusie Beleid – 2018

Download:        UK – Diversity and Inclusion Policy – 2018

Anti-Harassment Anti-Discrimination Policy

At AB InBev, our dream is to bring people together for a better world. In fulfilling our dream, each of us is responsible for promoting a culture that results in a safe, positive, diverse and inclusive work environment where people can flourish.

The purpose of this Global Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy (“Policy”) is to ensure our colleagues can thrive in an inclusive workplace free from all forms of harassment, including unfair discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. This Policy protects our colleagues against inappropriate actions that are unwanted and unwelcome and/or which create an intimidating, offensive, or hostile work environment.

Download:        AB InBev Global Anti-Harassment & Anti-Discrimination Policy – 2018

Download:        ES – Política contra el Acoso y la Discriminación – 2018

Download:        FR – Politiques Anti-Harcelement & Anti-Discrimination – 2018

Download:        IT – Politica Anti-Molestia & Anti-Discriminazione – 2018

Download:        NL – Anti-Intimidatie & Discriminatie Beleid – 2018

Download:        UK – Anti-Harassment and & Anti-Discrimination Policy – 2018

Responsible Sourcing Policy

We look at our entire value chain for opportunities to reduce costs, limit environmental impacts and improve economic stability among our many suppliers and surrounding communities.

This includes ensuring that the companies from which we purchase products and services are operating in an ethical and responsible manner. Our responsible sourcing policy communicates our expectations in these areas and how we are assessing our suppliers’ performance through a variety of engagements.

Download:        BENELUX – Mondiaal beleid inzake verantwoordelijke inkoop – 2020

Download:        CZ – Responsible Sourcing Policy (ENG) – 2020

Download:        DE – Globale Richtlinie für verantwortungsvolles Handeln – 2020

Download:        EN – Responsible Sourcing Policy – 2020

Download:        ES – Política de Contratación Responsable – 2020 (2)

Download:        FR – Politique d’approvisionnement responsable à l’échelle mondiale – 2020

Download:        IT – Policy di acquisto responsabile globale – 2020

Download:        UK – Responsible Sourcing Policy – 2020

We also take part in industry and NGO initiatives that seek to improve supply chain performance. We are a member of AIM-Progress, a global forum of consumer goods companies sponsored by the European Brands Association and the Grocery Manufacturers Association. The group’s purpose is to promote responsible supply chain and sourcing standards covering labor practices, health and safety, environmental management and business integrity and regularly engage with NGOs to advance our work on responsible sourcing. 

Responsible Marketing and Communications Code

As a leading global brewer, we take great pride in producing and marketing our beers with quality and care.
Our Responsible Marketing and Communications Code helps us strive to ensure that our communications are honest, truthful, in keeping with contemporary standards of good taste, and sensitive to cultural differences between markets. Compliance with the Code is mandatory for all of our marketing, sales, promotion and communications efforts, and includes both traditional, as well as digital media.

Download:        BENELUX – Verantwoordelijke marketing- en communicatiecode – 2020

Download:        DE – Kodex für verantwortungsvolles Marketing und Kommunikation – 2020

Download:        ES – Código de Comunicaciones Responsables y Marketing – 2020

Download:        FR – Code de marketing et de communication responsable – 2020

Download:        IT – Codice per Marketing e Comunicazioni Responsabili – 2020

Download:        UK – Responsible Marketing & Communications Code – 2020

Responsible Environmental Policy

Download: Environmental Policy – 2018

Water Policies and Principles

Download: Water Policies and Principles – 2022


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