Art of drinking

You know those moments where you’re out drinking and everything is just right. When you can do no wrong. When strangers are eating out of the palm of your hand and every move you make feels like a choreographed dance?

This is not luck. This is because you’ve mastered the Art of Drinking.

Do you master the Art of Drinking?

Smart drinking

To make every experience with beer a positive one.

Smart drinking is how we ensure that each experience with our products is a positive one. It takes us beyond ‘drink responsibly’, to position smart drinking not as a compromise, but as a behaviour that allows consumers to enjoy their alcoholic drinks to the fullest.

Golden rules for beer and food pairing

1. Align

Align the intensity of the beer with the intensity of the dish

2. Bridge

Create a flavor bridge by isolating a flavor note that is present in both beer and the food.

Tip 2

3. Cut

Use the beer to cut through the food and create a sharp contrast.

Tip 3

How to taste a beer?

Taste a beer

Perfect pour

Whether you are pouring beer from a can, bottle, growler or draft system; tilt the glass 45 degrees and pour down the side of the glass until it’s half full, then tilt it to the upright position and finish pouring the beer down the middle of the glass.


Raise the glass against a light source and evaluate the appearance. Comment on the clarity of the beer, its colour and foam quality.


Swirl the glass to stimulate the aromatics in the beer, bring it close to your nose and inhale. Comment on hop and malt aroma, yeast signature, and any other aromatic qualities of the beer.


Swirl the glass again and take a sip. Spread the beer everywhere in your mouth to reach all your taste buds. Evaluate the acidity, sweetness and bitterness in particular. Other perceptions of saltiness and umami are possible. As beer warms up taste will combine with your olfactory receptors in the back of your nose.


Swallow the beer and take notes of the mouthfeel from the front of your mouth to the back of your throat. Is it drying, round, chewy, creamy, warming? How about the carbonation?

Beer Families

Beer families

As the soul of the beer, the yeast is mainly responsible for determining families of beer.

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