We have been brewing for hundreds of years, constantly innovating to operate a responsible, ethical and sustainable business.
We are a global business with roots firmly in Europe with our head office Leuven, in Belgium. In fact our oldest brand was created in a Monastery in Leffe, Belgium, in 1240. 

We are proud of our European heritage

And committed to working in close partnership and co-operation with the EU to support both the EU and UN strategic development goals that relate to our business and the communities in which we operate.

Innovation can be a true comparative advantage for the EU

And as a driver of our business, our Global Innovation and Technology Centre (GITEC) is located alongside our head office operations, developing the solutions to support our strategy. 

Through our 100+ Accelerator, we are committed to create an ecosystem for European start-ups. Launched in 2018, the Accelerator is designed to help us reach our 2025 Sustainability Goals and has connected us with a community of innovators who can help solve today’s biggest sustainability challenges. 

We support the EU initiatives to promote innovation through the Life and Horizon 2020 programmes and will continue to work closely with EU bodies to further innovate and develop sustainable and realistic solutions that benefit the entire community in which we operate.