Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

Bringing people together for a better world

, By: Heleen Vanhoudt, CSR & External Communications Officer Europe
Bringing people together for a better world

Last year, we shared a set of articles highlighting different initiatives that contribute to build a better world, to provide a multi-angle insight on our company. Because our world keeps changing, we bring you a sequel today with new stories putting leadership, innovation and environment at the top of our agenda.


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Diversity of thinking is a top priority for any organization

Consumers became explorers



Global Smart Drinking Goals: ambitious targets to prevent harmful use of alcohol

Better information for the consumer

Jupiler 0,0%: a result of an innovative Belgian brewing process

Hoegaarden: pioneer in low-alcohol and alcohol-free segment



AB InBev & Tomorrowland: partners in waste sorting

Super lorries: carbon emissions cut down by 20 tonnes in one year and a half

Heleen Vanhoudt

Heleen Vanhoudt

CSR & External Communications Officer Europe

As CSR officer at AB InBev, I have the opportunity to combine my passion for corporate communication and my love for beer. I am convinced that an open dialogue between a company and its stakeholders is key for building sustainable relationships. As beer is the original social network, it brings people together. Through this blog, I also hope to bring people together and share our stories about our contribution to build a better world.