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Welcome to our blog!

An update on our consumer information project: providing the information consumers want

, By: Malte Lohan, Head of Corporate Affairs Europe
An update on our consumer information project: providing the information consumers want

The Brewers of Europe have recently published the European Beer Pledge Report, in which they released a study undertaken by GfK. The study analyses consumers’ demand and interest in receiving the same ingredient and nutritional information for all alcoholic beverages through the different sources as currently provided on all other food and drink products.

The study, which covers nine European countries and builds upon a previous consumer survey released in March 2015, shows that a growing majority of European consumers want to have access to ingredient and nutritional information for alcoholic beverages.

As the world’s leading brewer, we are committed to meeting consumers’ expectations. Together with the European brewing industry, we took a bold step and launched the initiative back in November 2015 to provide full ingredient and nutritional values on our beers, as you can see from an example of one of our new beer labels below.


The more you know…

According to the new study, 86% of consumers are calling for alcoholic beverages to indicate nutritional information and ingredients. This increase, from 69% in 2014, shows a growing desire by consumers to be more aware of what they are consuming.

To respond to this growing desire, we are putting ingredient and energy information on our primary consumer facing packaging (e.g. bottles and cans) and add the rest of the ‘Big 7’ (energy values plus fat, saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and salt) on our secondary packaging (carton boxes, shrink wraps etc).

In addition to providing nutrition information per 100ml, we also provide this information per serving size.


Turning to Technology

As the study shows, over half of consumers now turn to digital as a means of accessing ingredients and nutrition information. This, too, is reflected in our approach. In addition to phasing in our new labels and packaging, we provide all the information about our products on our online platform.

Tap Into Your Beer shows the full ingredient and nutritional information for each of our beers. It gets into great details: consumers have the possibility to filter based on alcohol by volume or types of grain, for example. A link to the Tap Into Your Beer website is mentioned on our beer labels so that consumers can easily access the information with their smartphones.


The Knowledge Gap

Interestingly, the research also shows that a majority of European consumers are unfamiliar with which beverages contain the most calories – 71% of people surveyed either didn’t know or answered incorrectly when asked!

How well do you think you know your beer? Click here to find out!



Malte Lohan

Malte Lohan

Head of Corporate Affairs Europe

I am convinced a genuine dialogue between policy makers, civil society and businesses leads to better policy outcomes. That dialogue is not always straightforward. My role at AB InBev is to provide a touch point to build trust and advance shared objectives: bringing the views and expertise of the world’s leading brewer to the policy table, while helping the company listen to society and stakeholders so that we can make better business decisions.