As the world’s leading brewer, we believe we have a responsibility to provide our consumers with more and better no- and lower-alcohol beers in order to help them make smart drinking decisions. Therefore, we are substantially expanding our product portfolio: no- and lower-alcohol beer products* will represent at least 20% of our global beer volume by end 2025. To achieve this Goal, we invest in growing our existing portfolio of no- and lower-alcohol beers, and we develop and launch new high quality, great tasting no- and lower-alcohol beers, establishing them as desirable alternatives for consumers through marketing and education efforts. As a result of this effort, we expect to see a reduction in the average alcohol by volume (ABV) across our beer portfolio.

Read here about our efforts:

The launch of Jupiler 0,0%

A bar that serves only no- and lower-alcohol beers

We define no-alcohol beers as having an ABV between 0.0% and 0.5% and lower-alcohol beers as having an ABV between 0.51% and 3.5%.