At AB InBev, and as the leading global brewer, we believe that offering our consumers a wider choice of products with different alcohol strengths is key to helping them make smart drinking decisions.

That’s why we work hard to extend the availability of no- and lower alcohol beer.

With more and better options, enjoyment and moderation can always go hand in hand. Even when not drinking alcohol at all, whether by choice or by necessity, we want a beer to be available that is right for the occasion.

To achieve this objective we have committed, as part of our Global Smart Drinking Goals, that by the end of 2025 at least one in five beers that we brew will contain either little alcohol* or no alcohol at all.

On this page you’ll be able to track in real time the progress made by our New Brussels Bubbles: launch of new no- and lower alcohol products, sponsoring initiatives, developments of our portfolio… We are looking forward to showing you more and hearing your feedback!

* Below 3.5% ABV