Our Net Zero Ambition

We want to be part of the solution for a better, greener future. Our new ambition is to achieve net zero across our value chain by 2040

We aim to reduce total CO₂ emissions in our breweries and with our new initiatives we go beyond our 2025 Sustainability goals. We are preparing to have net zero operations in five major breweries in 2028.

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Big 5 to lead the way

Our five biggest European breweries are preparing to achieve net zero operations in 2028: first, the Magor and Samlesbury breweries in the UK in 2026, followed by the Leuven, Jupille and Bremen breweries in Belgium and Germany in 2028. This ambition would reduce annual CO₂ emissions by 110,740 tonnes, equivalent to the emissions of almost 35,000 cars.

Our Initiatives

The company has identified 29 distinct technologies, that show great promise to contribute to the net zero ambition, and several have already been implemented.

Among them are Hydrogen as fuel, deployed at the Magor brewery, providing zero carbon power and fuel for all brewery operations, Simmer & Strip technology, which provides 80% energy savings in the boiling phase of production and reduces brewing emissions by 5%, and Dry De-Husking which uses less energy in mashing and creates less reliance on fossil fuels in the process.

2025 Sustainability Goals

AB InBev has made substantial progress towards its 2025 climate target: an estimated 16% reduction of its carbon footprint across its 16 Western European breweries between 2017 and 2020, eliminating over 30,000 tonnes of CO₂ from its operations.