Jupiler 0,0%: the result of an innovative Belgian brewing process


With a 0,0% version of the most popular Belgian lager beer Jupiler, AB InBev meets the consumer's demand for more freedom of choice. A revolutionary brewing technique is at the heart of a new generation of alcohol-free beers.

Some well-defined new trends predominate today's consumer market. For example, more and more people are looking for fresh, natural, light and healthy food products. Hence, among other things, the increasing consumption of low-alcohol and alcohol-free beers. Until recently, those beers were a bit neglected. But nowadays, things seem to have changed quite a bit. 'The consumer is more aware of his drinking and actively seeks low-alcohol or alcohol-free alternatives', says Marketing Director Arnaud Hanset. 'Those beers are now a full alternative for those who want to experience the beer, but not necessarily the alcohol.' The development of Jupiler 0,0% fits in this context. Though that's easier said than done.


Know-how and innovative thinking

Every brewer will confirm that the brewing of a good lager is not easy. And producing a tasty alcohol-free lager is even harder. For that purpose, AB InBev developed a revolutionary brewing technique in its Global Innovation & Technology Center in Leuven. With know-how and innovative thinking as the main keywords. Until now, two techniques were used to brew NA beer. The first one involved the stopping of the fermentation process after a short time to limit the alcohol formation. But then you miss all what is good about the fermentation and the lagering. The second technique involves the extraction of the alcohol after the fermentation, but then you lose that typical beer character.


Alcohol-free lager with character

'In order to offer an optimal tasting experience to the consumer, we developed a unique brewing process', says brew master Tom Dumortier. 'The Jupiler 0,0% combines the best of both methods. So we obtain a 0,0% beer, with a much better preserved taste and character.' This brewing process built on Belgian know-how is now applied by AB InBev throughout the world, for example, in Brazil on Brahma, in Mexico on Corona and in Canada on Budweiser. With Jupiler Blue, AB InBev has already a good and popular product with an alcohol content of 3,3%. Trial tastings show that Jupiler 0,0% is a new step in offering an alcohol-free lager with character and a real taste of beer. 'That is why we no longer sell Jupiler NA. Because with the Jupiler 0,0% we can offer a better tasting experience', ads Arnaud Hanset.